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The following book contains material of a mature nature. Not intended for children, people under the age of 18, the faint of heart, the mentally unstable, convicted felons, or anyone with an IQ less than their height in inches. The following book contains terms that are meant to entertain and offend. The terms in the following glossary are for amusement only and should in no way, under any circumstances, be carried out or attempted in any shape or form on anyone or anything! If you are reading this trying to find some new tricks to spice up your love life, close this book immediately and seek Professional Help! We repeat:


They are for amusement purposes only. All references to persons, places, or things either living or dead are coincidental and not intended to represent the feelings or beliefs of Get Offended. All terms have been submitted by our fans via our website at or Those who have chosen to have their credit displayed are printed after the terms submitted. Those who have chosen to remain anonymous have been omitted. If you have a term you would like to see in our next edition of the Glossary, please submit it at or The attitude, opinions, and acts described in The Glossary of Perversion are not the opinions or feelings of Get Offended or its staff. Blame the assholes who submitted them. Also, if you are an idiot, moron, or mentally challenged please do not read on. We don’t want to get blamed for some stupid dumbass trying any of the following on anyone or anything else. We would also like to take this time to stress that we do not promote abuse or rape. Rather, we are using this Glossary as a way to bring the following terms to the attention of the masses to better enlighten our visitors to this gutter we like to call earth…


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Booking a Speaker for A Corporate Event

Four Ways to Get the Most Entertaining Speaker for Your Corporate Budget

Use a Speakers Bureau – a reputable bureau is paid by speakers, so their services wont cost you anything. Plus, with a stable of thousands or celebrities, musicians, comedians and business speakers, they can help you to find someone that meets your needs, budget and schedule.

Book a Speaker As Far Ahead As Possible – remember that your speaker might have to travel a great distance to reach your event. By working months in advance you can minimize last second headaches and costs.

Ask for Condensed Demos of Speakers – your bureau can send you a few video highlights of speakers that match your needs. You can usually form a good opinion of the entertainer within a few minutes, so save time by asking for shortened demos.

Be mindful of your timing – Scheduling the best speaker in the world wont do you (or your audience) any good if the audience is tired or bored. Make sure that you schedule your speaker for a time when your audience will be receptive.

While the economy has been rough all around lately, few people have experienced as many budget reductions as meeting planners. Whether its money for travel, facilities or catering costs, the situation is the same-planners are asked to make more out of less.

Somewhere in this new sea of corporate frugality, where meeting planners are struggling to find the best bargains for all aspects of a event, lie the mysterious fees and budgets devoted to speakers, musicians, comedians and other entertainers. Finding a good deal for event entertainment can be tough, particularly because there are so many subjective factors that make it hard to compare any one type of entertainer to another. When looking through bios and demo tapes, its hard to size up respective motivational or inspiration speakers the way you might a more tangible product or service.

Even so, there are steps that event planners can take to get a great keynote speaker for fewer dollars. Below are a few tips that should help you stretch out the entertainment budget for your next corporate event:

Think Big Celebrity Names. Big names cost big money, so you cant save money by booking big name celebrities, right? It really depends. Hiring well-known celebrity speakers costs a big chunk of cash up front, but it can also be a great way to generate a lot of positive buzz about your event-from your attendees as well as the media. Nothing quite excites people the same way as hearing a talk or having a book signed by one of their favorite TV or business personalities. Savvy event planners can take advantage of this fact by spending big bucks on a top shelf speaker and saving even more by capitalizing on free publicity instead of expensive advertising.

Of course, that strategy only works if you have an event thats large enough to benefit from the increased publicity and attendance that a big name entertainer can bring. What about those planners who have either events or budgets too small to justify the upfront costs of well-known speakers? In that case, you can still save money and get some great entertainment speakers by keeping a few things in mind:

Know The Type of Entertainment Your Audience Will Appreciate.

Many times, a speaker or entertainer who would not be considered or even well known within the general public can be an icon, or even a hero, to a specific group. For instance, not many people would be familiar with motivational sales speakers. But to the men and women working in his former industry, the speaker might be considered an inspirational superstar.

Keep in mind, though, that it works both ways. A business speaker who seems to be a big draw for one gender or age group doesnt always translate into a home run for another. If you arent sure if a certain entertainer will be known throughout your audience, take a couple of minutes to find out ahead of time.

Be Specific on What Type of Speaker or Entertain You Need.

One of the greatest things about todays speakers market is that theres something for just about everyone, no matter how specific the need. If you’ re looking for business speakers on needlepoint techniques in a post-modern global economy-trust me, theres someone out there. So, the real trick is pinpointing exactly what type of speaker or entertainer you need for your occasion. Are you looking for a motivational keynote? A technical expert? Humorous after-dinner corporate magician? The more you can answer this question, the easier your search will be.

No matter what, just remember that with the thousands of speakers available, a knowledgeable, experienced speakers bureau can help you find someone who meets your taste and budget. You just have to be willing to follow these rules and look for a good deal.