How To Learn Piano By Yourself

Online Piano Lessons offers high quality, half or one hour, private piano lessons for all levels and styles.

Our qualified piano teachers all have university degrees in music and have experience teaching children and adults. The lessons are all conducted on acoustic pianos in our individual teaching rooms. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons or relax in out spacious waiting area.


What is the best age to start taking piano lessons?

The earliest we recommend starting piano lessons for children is 5 years old. Students younger than 5 can have difficulty reaching the distance between keys because of hand size. Adults can get started at any age. We have had several beginner students in their 70’s and even a few in their 80’s where

5 ways to how to learn piano by yourself:

1. Take lessons in a professional teaching environment.
2. Use nationally recognized teaching materials.
3. Insist on private one on one instruction.
4. Take lessons from a qualified, university trained teacher.
5. Choose music that is interesting to you or your child.

We also offer a variety of other instruments. Click here for further details.

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